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Veyon is intended for monitoring computers and managing classrooms. It is a package composed of two main applications: Veyon Master and Veyon Configurator, which together also allow accessing the screens of other machines connected to the network. It is therefore ideal for teaching.

It all starts with network configuration, which is done with Veyon Master. Fortunately, the application integrates seamlessly with LDAP, so you can easily find the rest of the computers and select the ones you want to monitor. In case there is no Active Directory service available, there are other variants, such as the Network Discovery extension and the built-in directory.

Veyon Master, in turn, allows you to view the users' machines in the form of icons. This application has multiple features. Its most basic uses include broadcasting your screen to selected computers and monitoring the activity of their users. While monitoring a desktop, you can also take screenshots. In addition, it also allows you to take control of various functions on the remote computer, such as blocking access, rebooting, logging off and shutting down. It is also possible to transfer files, run a program and send a message. The application supports two main modes: full-screen and window.

Compared to other similar environments, Veyon has some shortcomings. For example, it does not allow you to monitor attendance, schedule teaching activities, manage courses or manage grades. It is also a pity that sometimes there is a lag in the video signal between the Master and the clients. more

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  • Supports several methods for adding computers on the network (LDAP, Network Discovery and Built-in Directory)
  • Allows you to share your desktop
  • Allows you to monitor remote desktops
  • Takes control of various remote functions
  • Two fundamental modes: full-screen and window
  • Demonstration available


  • Does not allow monitoring attendance, scheduling teaching activities, managing courses or posting grades
  • Delay in the video signal between the Master and the clients may be experienced


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